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We currently have two Drahthaars that are certified for breeding, their individual pages and results can be seen below.

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Esta v.Rogers-Hütte
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Esta v.Rogers-Hütte

Esta has been very biddable, cooperative and cautious on birds, right from the get go. She was slightly slow to mature possibly a few months behind some of her litter mates in her field work, but she more than made up for it in desire. Esta has proven to be very strong in her forest work with an immense desire to work blood tracks. However, if we had to pick one thing she absolutely excels at it would be her water work. Esta was doing HZP level water work at a very young age with very little training. She is a very enjoyable dog to be around, friendly and non-aggressive around people and dogs. She is what we call an 'Easy Keeper' she has a very nice transition from hunting machine to household companion. Esta had above average testing scores (see column to left) and was rated SG/V (10/12) in the Breed show. Esta is a nice size female at 60 cm tall and 61 cm long weighing 63 lbs. We are very excited to utilize Esta for our next generation.

Name:  Esta v.Rogers-Hütte 

Color: Brsch 
DOB: 10.28.2013
ZB-Nr: 223761 
ZR#: Pending
Form/Coat: SG/V (10/12)
Height/Length: 60cm/61cm
VJP: 58/70
HZP: 176 
VGP: Pending

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