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About Started Dogs

In an effort to keep our bloodlines moving forward in a positive direction, we will often keep multiple puppies from a litter, purchase a puppy from a similar bloodline, or even import a pup if needed. Unfortunately not every puppy is exactly what we are needing to further our bloodline, or perhaps he/she has an insignificant fault to the general public, but something we aren't looking for, or maybe a fault that would not allow them to be bred within the VDD.

Typically we have invested hundreds of hours into the pup with every intention of utilizing them in our hunting team and our breeding program and at some point we have made the decision that, he/she is not the 'One'. When this happens we go to great lengths to find hunting homes so the pup can live out its life doing what it was bred to do. We will typically spay or neuter the pup (based on reason for selling) and then offer the pup up for sale.

Depending on how old the pup is, our started dogs will range from:

  • 12 month olds that have been exposed to forest, field, and water. Understands basic obedience, and has more than likely had some birds shot over them.

  • Dogs that have been tested through at least the VJP (Puppy test), and possibly the HZP:
    • These dogs will typically have completed the Force Fetching process
    • Above average exposure to Forest, Field, and Water
    • Birds shot over them
    • Above average obedience training
    • Able to handle birds in field or water
    • Hunted out of blinds for waterfowl, etc
  • Occasionally we will also have a female that is breed certified who for whatever reason does not fit into our program. These dogs will be rare but they will inevitably exist at some point. These dogs will have completed all requirements for the VDD breeding program. They will have:
    • Extensive forest, field, and water training
    • Force fetch complete
    • Advanced obedience
    • Typically experienced in blood tracking work
    • Able to handle birds in field or water
    • Hunted out of blinds for waterfowl, etc
      No Started Dogs Are Available At This Time: December 2015.  
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