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About The Puppies

Puppy Packages

Future puppy owners can expect to take delivery of their new pup beginning at 8 weeks of age. All pups will have their first set of shots, including: Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Para Influenza, Parvovirus, and wormed as necessary. Puppy tails will be docked, and the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD) registration number will be tattooed on their inner ear. You will receive the puppy's VDD registration certificate as well as all veterinary paperwork. All puppies are well socialized and are fully exposed to both birds and water.

Reservation / Deposit

Total purchase price for a Drahthaar puppy is $1200 dollars. You may reserve a puppy by placing a $300 deposit. Reservations are taken on gender only, not coat color. Your pick of puppies is determined by the order in which the deposits are received. Deposits are refundable up until the arrival of the litter or if we are unable to provide you with a puppy after the litter is born. Your deposit is a 'good faith' action that demonstrates your sincere desire to purchase a puppy from the agreed upon litter. The placement of the puppies will be based on a combination of factors, including but not limited to the following: Order in which the deposit was received, desired temperament, type of hunting you do, and any other characteristics that are most important to you. We will do our best to match the puppies of a particular litter with the desires of the new owners. It is very important to get as much input as possible from you concerning this very important decision. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse placement of any puppy at our own discretion.

Puppy Video

To see a video (not ours) of a Drahthaar doing what is bred to do and loving every minute of it, please go to the following:

Puppy Guarantee

Vom Rogers-Hütte puppies are guaranteed to be functionally free of hereditary genetic diseases up to one (1) year of age. In order for the 12 month guarantee to be validated, several key actions need to be taken by the new owner.

As a new puppy owner, you will need to have the pup examined by a veterinarian within 3 days of receiving the pup. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your puppy's health, you may return the puppy at your expense for a full refund of the purchase price only if we are given a copy of the veterinarian's exam and findings. After the puppy departs from our care, all veterinary costs fall unto your responsibility.
If your puppy develops a life-threatening or life-altering illness, that is found to be hereditary in nature and has been diagnosed by a veterinarian before the age of 12 months, we will replace the puppy from another agreed upon breeding. Since another breeding may not be immediately available, a full refund can be negotiated upon return of the pup. You will need to be responsible for any shipping charges unless otherwise agreed upon.
All vaccinations, de-worming, and examinations by a registered veterinarian must be kept up to date and current, and failure to do so will void all warranties.
All dogs are conditionally guaranteed for radiographic evidence of hip dysplasia until the age of 24 months. The only acceptable radiographic evidence is a VDD HD evaluation that excludes the dog from breeding in the VDD breeding program.
The guarantee is non transferable, only applying to the original buyer and is null and void if the dog was purchased under false pretenses, abused, or bred prior to being certified for breeding as determined by the VDD Breeding Regulations.

Shipping Your Puppy Via Air Cargo

We would prefer puppies to be picked up at the kennel; however, we understand that not everyone will have the ability to do so. We are conveniently located approximately 15 minutes from the Greater Peoria Regional Airport in Peoria, Illinois, and we have had the best success with Delta airlines, but most of the major carriers service the Peoria airport. The only additional cost to you will be our expenses: approximately $50 to cover an additional vet check and health certificate, and an additional $40 dollars to cover the shipping crate. If the crate is returned, we will gladly refund your money for the crate. All freight shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Expectations Of A Puppy Owner

By the time a litter from Vom Rogers-Hütte Kennel hits the ground: I will have completed many painstaking hours researching data for up to 10 generations on both sides of the Ahnentafel. We currently use a Pedigree Database that allows us to review COI values, record-testing data, genetic information pertaining to defects, progeny values, etc. All of this data is collected from various published records, phone calls, and getting out to train with, test with and hunt over potential stud dogs. Even with all that goes into the genetic game of pairing to like individuals together there are not any guarantees in breeding versatile dogs, or any other breed for that matter. New puppy owners will still have several key items that they will be responsible for accomplishing to assure themselves that the puppy they choose has every opportunity to grow into the best hunting and family companion possible.

We have outlined below several key factors that I feel assist in accomplishing this:

Properly Socialize Your Puppy

By the time your puppy leaves our Kennel he or she will have been exposed to new people, places, car rides, children, noises, etc. I encourage all new owners to continue this process on a weekly basis.

Complete A Level One Obedience Class

As soon as the puppy is old enough (approximately 4-6 months), These types of classes will not only assist with continuing the pups socialization skills, they will also start to lay the foundation work for basic manners, etc. In our opinion a dog that is well versed in obedience is a much nicer dog to have around.

Expose Birds, Water, Guns, and Hunting Situations To Your Puppy

Proper exposure can be accomplished by joining your local states chapter of the VDD / GNA. Most chapters hold regular training days almost year round. These training days give handlers the opportunity to network with other owners, as well as, the opportunity to learn about training

Test Your Puppy Through VJP And HZP Tests

The VJP (spring natural ability test) and the HZP (Fall breed test). These tests are designed to offer performance-based feedback to the breeder and the owners from an unbiased source.

As a breeder, nothing is more valuable than to have this information about what the Sire and Dam have produced.

As a new puppy owner you get a set of goals to train for which will make you much happier when it comes time for hunting season.

More On Testing

The Vom Rogers-Hütte Kennel would love to find homes with like minded hunters and passionate dog trainers for every puppy we will ever produce, we also realize that some people simply want a 'hunting companion' and are not interested in the VDD testing system. While this is completley acceptable, we often times find when we inquirer of potential puppy owners as to why they would not be interesting in testing their future puppy, that it is simply because they do not understand the process and from a distance it can seem quite overwhelming.

The testing system is a really basic process based on hunting and judged by hunters intending to improve the ability of the Drahthaar breed. Staying true to the philosophy of the founding members that 'form follows function'. The primary purpose of the testing program is to provide information back to the breeders. This information is vital in the evaluation of what his or her kennel is producing,etc. The tests provide a structure that helps prepare a dog to be a competent, well mannered, and socially adjusted companion both in the home and in the field. These tests are not a competion among dogs or kennels, but rather a measure of each dog against a standard. We ask that you do some research and find out about the VDD testing program before purchasing a pup, and we are always willing to pass along this information by phone, e-mail, and in person.

Please check out the following pages for more information JGHV Testing Program.
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