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Previous Litters

6. "F" Litter

Esta v.Rogers-Hütte and Lukas vom Fuchsberg - Late 2015

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Esta v.Rogers-Hutte is a first generation off spring from our kennel. Esta is from our E Litter breeding between Greta v.d. Salzmarsch X Colt vom Entenmoor. We had the good fortune of watching Colt mature from an 8 week old puppy into a solid, well-balanced hunting machine. He was the 2nd place dog at the 2008 Armbruster and voted most beautiful male. The breeding between Greta (AKA- Gunner) and Colt produced a very solid litter for us.

Ahnentafel and score sheets are available upon request.

5. "E" Litter

Greta von der Salzmarsch and Colt vom Entenmoor - Late 2013

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Download 5th Generation Pedigree - Download Colt's Pedigree


Colt won Armbruster 2008 second place, best field work, and most beautiful male.

Colt is owned by Larry and Linda Reeves of Illinois, two of the breeds staunchest and long term supporters: Larry's descriptors of Colt are: biddable and cooperative: super strong nose: intense pointer, right from the get go: very strong in water: a very enjoyable dog to be around: friendly and non-aggressive around people and dogs. Colt was sired by Roger vom Wildrucken, bred by Larry and owned by Matt Klein, making 5 generations of Larry's own well planned and intimately known breedings.

We look for Colt to compliment Gunner very nicely. We have been watching Colt's upbringing, training, and his off spring with a lot of interests the last few years. We are excited about this breeding and will be keeping a female to continue our program with. Please feel free to call or email with questions, etc.

4. "D" Litter

Bagira vom Rogers-Hutte and Askan vom Entenmoor - Early 2013

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Bagira vom Rogers-Hutte has been bred to Askan vom Entenmoor. We are expecting Puppies in early 2013, and we are now accepting deposits. Please feel free to use our contact us form, or give us a phone call. We will be happy to discuss this breeding with you.

Bagira is a first generation off spring of our Greta v.d. Salzmarsch. Bagira is very biddable, and takes to training, and hunting situations with passion and industry. She has a wonderful personality with an immense desire to please. She is quiet in the kennel or house, but really turns it on in the field. Her testing scores speak to her many talents and she is proving to be a dog that once she understands what you want, she will not fail to complete the job at hand. She has always been very cautious on birds, even as a 12-14 week old pup she handled moving birds with a maturity well beyond her age. Training Bagira in the water, was an absolute pleasure and she has matured into a very solid waterdog. She demonstrated this at her HZP where, after a very intense and thorough search behind the duck she was awarded an 11 for her efforts. Bagira has been hunted on upland game, waterfowl, as well as, Blood tracking work. We look for the pups between Bagira and Askan to be true to type in coat and conformation and to demonstrate above average desire, use of nose, point, and water work.

3. Litter "C"

Greta v.d. Salzmarsch and Leopold Vom Tapferen Herzen - January 2012

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Greta v.d. Salzmarsch was bred to Leopold Vom Tapferen Herzen in January 2012, producing the 'C' litter Von Rogers-Hütte.


Leopold vom Tapferen Herzen is a very athletic dog with a muscular build, a beautiful coat and a generous beard. He has proven to be very biddable, cooperative, with a strong nose, intense point, and is very strong in the water. Leo is the result of a breeding between Biene v. Erthal and Ian vom Tapferen Herzen. This breeding produced a very well balanced litter in both performance and coat/ Conformation. The average VJP test score for this litter was 70.8 , and the average HZP test score was 179.1.

The breeding between Greta and Leopold will bring together two high performing dogs in field and water, as well as, excellent coat and conformation scores. This breeding is a line breeding on the 'O' litter di Costa Rubea, specifically Olf di Costa Rubea. I have been monitoring this kennel for several years and have continued to be impressed with the abilities of dogs coming out of this line. Olf was widely used in Germany and sired several high performing dogs. These dogs have proven to be well balanced, with above average drive, and most importantly, easily trainable. Many of the 'O' litters off spring have went on to produce as good or better than themselves in all aspects of performance and coat/Conformation. We are very excited about the possibilities this pairing will produce. We expect the dogs to have outstanding coat and conformation, a strong natural ability, excellent nose, and above average drive.

2. "B" Litter

Greta v.d. Salzmarsch vs Groll vom Entenmoor - December 2010

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Groll vom Entenmoor is the result of a breeding program managed by Jeff Henke which is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of producing high quality Drahthaars. Groll is a very athletic dog with a muscular build, a beautiful coat and a generous beard. He has proven to be very biddable, cooperative, with a strong nose, intense point, and is very strong in the water. Groll is the result of a breeding between Cassey vom Entenmoor and Excel v. Erthal. Cassey is the the sister to Cort vom Entenmoor, who took 1st place at the 2008 International Armbruster, and Colt vom Entenmoor who took 2nd place, as well as, best field work, and most beautiful male.

Groll's sire, Exel v. Erthal is a very handsome dog with a great build. He has a natural point, a great nose, and is biddable. He was imported from Germany after completing the Hegewald in 2007 and has since completed his VGP with a score of I/307 TF. Excel has proven to throw himself in his off spring, and produces pups with great coats, and above average abilities.

This line breeding will bring together two great representatives of the breed and capitalize on the common ancestors including: Olf di Costa Rubea, Darko vom Oechtringer-forst, Pina v.Wulften, Falco vom Rothorst, and Cajus vom Rothorst. We look for the pups to have excellent coats, full furnishings (i.e. Beards), be extremely biddable and offer above average drive, determination, and desire to produce game.

1. "A" Litter

Greta von der Salzmarsch and Feuer vom Bandorfer Forst - December 2009

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The puppies are expected to be very strong in pointing, tracking, water work, as well as Coat and Conformation. Both Greta and Feuer have proven to be exceptional companions and outstanding versatile hunting dogs. Feuer comes to Illinois from the vom Bandorfer-forst Kennel in Germany. We had the opportunity to spend some time with Feuer and his owner during completion of an HZP this past summer. We were impressed with not only his abilities but also with his temperament and playful nature. After spending some additional time with Feuer and countless hours researching both Ahnentafels, we decided that he was the dog to use for Greta's first litter. Feuer is a very strong dog with striking good looks, and he received an unofficial score of 11 in both coat and conformation at the most recent International Armbruster as Feuer was only 14 months old. Receiving impressive scores in both VJP and HZP, Feuer is currently in training to complete the VGP. Click Here to view the Ahnentafel for this litter.
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