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1. "A" Litter
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1. "A" Litter

Greta von der Salzmarsch and Feuer vom Bandorfer Forst - December 2009

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The puppies are expected to be very strong in pointing, tracking, water work, as well as Coat and Conformation. Both Greta and Feuer have proven to be exceptional companions and outstanding versatile hunting dogs. Feuer comes to Illinois from the vom Bandorfer-forst Kennel in Germany. 

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Feuer and his owner during completion of an HZP this past summer. We were impressed with not only his abilities but also with his temperament and playful nature. After spending some additional time with Feuer and countless hours researching both Ahnentafels, we decided that he was the dog to use for Greta's first litter. 

Feuer is a very strong dog with striking good looks, and he received an unofficial score of 11 in both coat and conformation at the most recent International Armbruster as Feuer was only 14 months old. Receiving impressive scores in both VJP and HZP, Feuer is currently in training to complete the VGP. 

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About Greta von der Salzmarsch

Name: Gunner (Greta) ~•~ Color: Schwsch ~•~ DOB: 02.03.2007 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 203277 ~•~ ZR#: Pending ~•~ Form/Coat: 10/11 ~•~ Height/Length: 61/61 ~•~ VJP: 76 ~•~ HZP: 185 ~•~ NAVHDA NA: 110 Prize I ~•~ HD Free: Yes

Gunner VJP  •  Gunner HZP  •  Gunner HIP  •  Gunner Front Ahnentafel  •  Gunner Back Ahnentafel

About Feuer vom Bandorfer Forst

Name: Feuer ~•~ Color: Brsch ~•~ DOB: 02.06.2007 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 204504 ~•~ ZR#: Pending ~•~ Height/Length: 65/66 ~•~ VJP: 70 ~•~ HZP: 184 ~•~ HD Free: Yes

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"A" Litter - Testimonials

Atlas Vom Rogers-Hutte (Axl) is my first DD. I am so pleased with his temperament, drive, natural ability and conformation. He has it all. In addition, Victor went above and beyond the call of duty to educate me about the breed and to help me choose the perfect puppy for our family. I could not be happier with my choice of breeds and breeders.

C. Wood
Rome, GA


Just wanted to update you on Adler. He is doing amazing at 6 months old. I have been working him on hotdog tracks, and foot tracks the last few days. He is doing 80-100 yard tracks like nothing. I'm continually impressed with his disposition, temperament, and willingness to please. He has been a joy to train and picks things up very fast. I have had him on some planted birds as well as a couple of live duck searches: both of these he did amazing on. He is a natural pointer and loves to pack stuff around in his mouth. He gets a long well with my kids and other dog. I'm looking forward to hunting him this fall. Keep in touch about training days in the area I would like to get together.

Thanks again for everything,



I received Doc at 10 weeks. He was a very lively puppy full of energy. I started looking for a trainer. I found one close to home that my vet recommended. We started him at 4 months with obedience training he did well just still had a lot of energy to channel. Then she put him on table for force fetching he done great I thought then she moved to hand signals and the dog shut down to much too soon.

Victor our breeder advised us to let him rest a couple of weeks so we did. Then introduced him to tracking he did great.

I never let her work him any more on retrieving. I slowly introduced him to it again at house.

He had a little trouble at first with swimming but he picked it up after about 3 days in shallow water.

He has now reached 11 months and is retrieving 50 to 60 yard swims in water and he has tracked and found his first deer.

These are very healthy and versatile dogs you just have to channel their energy in the right direction!!

G. Wilson
Monroe, LA

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