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5. "E" Litter
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5. "E" Litter

Greta von der Salzmarsch and Colt vom Entenmoor - Late 2013

Download 5th Generation Pedigree - Download Colt's Pedigree

Colt won Armbruster 2008 second place, best field work, and most beautiful male.

Colt is owned by Larry and Linda Reeves of Illinois, two of the breeds staunchest and long term supporters: Larry's descriptors of Colt are: biddable and cooperative: super strong nose: intense pointer, right from the get go: very strong in water: a very enjoyable dog to be around: friendly and non-aggressive around people and dogs. Colt was sired by Roger vom Wildrucken, bred by Larry and owned by Matt Klein, making 5 generations of Larry's own well planned and intimately known breedings.

We look for Colt to compliment Gunner very nicely. We have been watching Colt's upbringing, training, and his off spring with a lot of interests the last few years. We are excited about this breeding and will be keeping a female to continue our program with. Please feel free to call or email with questions, etc. Greta von der Salzmarsch and Feuer vom Bandorfer Forst - View Ahnentafel

About Greta von der Salzmarsch

Name: Gunner (Greta) ~•~ Color: Schwsch ~•~ DOB: 02.03.2007 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 203277 ~•~ ZR#: Pending ~•~ Form/Coat: 10/11 ~•~ Height/Length: 61/61 ~•~ VJP: 76 ~•~ HZP: 185 ~•~ NAVHDA NA: 110 Prize I ~•~ HD Free: Yes

Gunner VJP  •  Gunner HZP  •  Gunner HIP  •  Gunner Front Ahnentafel  •  Gunner Back Ahnentafel

About Colt vom Entenmoor

Name: Colt vom Entenmoor ~•~ Color: Brsch ~•~ DOB: 04.03.2007 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 203198 ~•~ ZR#: 091/07 ~•~ Form/Coat: 12/11 ~•~ VJP: 75 ~•~ HZP: 193 Armbruster ~•~ VGP: I/293 ~•~ 
BTR,HD,OCD & ED, VWD: All are free by DNA


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