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4. "D" Litter
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4. "D" Litter

Bagira vom Rogers-Hutte and Askan vom Entenmoor - Early 2013

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Bagira vom Rogers-Hutte has been bred to Askan vom Entenmoor. We are expecting Puppies in early 2013, and we are now accepting deposits. Please feel free to use our contact us form, or give us a phone call. We will be happy to discuss this breeding with you.





About Bagira

Name: Bagira ~•~ Color: Brsch ~•~ DOB: 03/11/2011 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 216172 ~•~ ZR#: 262/09 ~•~ Form/Coat: 9/11 ( SG/SG) ~•~ Height/Length: 66/67 ~•~ VJP: 74 ~•~ HZP: 183 ~•~ 
VGP: Fall 2013

Bagira is a first generation off spring of our Greta v.d. Salzmarsch. Bagira is very biddable, and takes to training, and hunting situations with passion and industry. She has a wonderful personality with an immense desire to please. She is quiet in the kennel or house, but really turns it on in the field. Her testing scores speak to her many talents and she is proving to be a dog that once she understands what you want, she will not fail to complete the job at hand. She has always been very cautious on birds, even as a 12-14 week old pup she handled moving birds with a maturity well beyond her age. Training Bagira in the water, was an absolute pleasure and she has matured into a very solid waterdog. She demonstrated this at her HZP where, after a very intense and thorough search behind the duck she was awarded an 11 for her efforts. Bagira has been hunted on upland game, waterfowl, as well as, Blood tracking work. We look for the pups between Bagira and Askan to be true to type in coat and conformation and to demonstrate above average desire, use of nose, point, and water work.

About Askan vom Entenmoor

Name: Askan vom Entenmoor ~•~ Color: Br/brflh ~•~ DOB: 02.14.2005 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 196589 ~•~ ZR#:066/05 ~•~ Form/Coat: SG/SG ~•~ Height/Length: 66/67 ~•~ VJP: 72
HZP: 191 ~•~ NAVHDA NA: 112 prize ~NAVHDA Utility: 188 Prize 1 ~•~ HD Free:  Yes ~•~ 
BTR: Yes

Askan vom Entenmoor is solid braun, weights about 70 pounds, and is 25 inches tall. He is rated as very good in both coat and conformation. Askan will be bred to Bagira vom Rogers-Hutte in late fall 2012. Both Askan and Bagira are line bred on the "O" litter di Costa Rubea. Askan's owner and I have discussed this potential breeding for several years, and are both extremely excited about the potential these pups will have. Askan comes from a very solid litter, his sister Ayssa vom Entenmoor produced the number 1 and number 2 dogs at the 2008 International Armbruster. The A litter vom Entenmoor resulted in an average VJP score of 65.6, HZP average of 187, and VGP average of 308. Askan himself has been used a few times and has consistently produced dogs with tons of natural ability, calmness, and above average desire as well as, very good coat and conformation.

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