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3. Litter "C"
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3. Litter "C"

Greta v.d. Salzmarsch and Leopold Vom Tapferen Herzen - January 2012

Greta v.d. Salzmarsch was bred to Leopold Vom Tapferen Herzen in January 2012, producing the 'C' litter Von Rogers-Hütte.


Leopold vom Tapferen Herzen is a very athletic dog with a muscular build, a beautiful coat and a generous beard. He has proven to be very biddable, cooperative, with a strong nose, intense point, and is very strong in the water. Leo is the result of a breeding between Biene v. Erthal and Ian vom Tapferen Herzen. This breeding produced a very well balanced litter in both performance and coat/ Conformation. The average VJP test score for this litter was 70.8 , and the average HZP test score was 179.1.

The breeding between Greta and Leopold will bring together two high performing dogs in field and water, as well as, excellent coat and conformation scores. This breeding is a line breeding on the 'O' litter di Costa Rubea, specifically Olf di Costa Rubea. I have been monitoring this kennel for several years and have continued to be impressed with the abilities of dogs coming out of this line. Olf was widely used in Germany and sired several high performing dogs. These dogs have proven to be well balanced, with above average drive, and most importantly, easily trainable. Many of the 'O' litters off spring have went on to produce as good or better than themselves in all aspects of performance and coat/Conformation. We are very excited about the possibilities this pairing will produce. We expect the dogs to have outstanding coat and conformation, a strong natural ability, excellent nose, and above average drive.

About Greta von der Salzmarsch

Name: Gunner (Greta) ~•~ Color: Schwsch ~•~ DOB: 02.03.2007 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 203277 ~•~ ZR#: Pending ~•~ Form/Coat: 10/11 ~•~ Height/Length: 61/61 ~•~ VJP: 76 ~•~ HZP: 185 ~•~ NAVHDA NA: 110 Prize I ~•~ HD Free: Yes

Gunner VJP  •  Gunner HZP  •  Gunner HIP  •  Gunner Front Ahnentafel  •  Gunner Back Ahnentafel

About Leopold Vom Tapferen Herzen

Name: Leopold Vom Tapferen Herzen ~•~ Color: Brsch ~•~ DOB: 03/25/2009 ~•~ ZB-Nr: 210206 ~•~ ZR#: 262/09 ~•~ Form/Coat: 10/11 ~•~ Height/Length: 66/67 ~•~ VJP: 72 ~•~ HZP: 174 ~•~ NAVHDA NA: 112 Prize I ~•~ HD Free: Yes

Leopold VJP  •  Leopold HZP  •  Leopold Front Ahnentafel  •  Leopold Back Ahnentafel  •  Stats Website

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